‘Buriganga River’ will be aired tomorrow in the 84th episode of BTV’s river series ‘Nongor’.

BIWTA Chairman Commodore Golam Sadeq & planner, researcher, presenter Suhman Shams

‘Buriganga River’ will be aired tomorrow in the 84th episode of BTV’s river series ‘Nongar’.

The current images of the Buriganga and Old-Buriganga rivers have been presented in the 84th episode of Bangladesh Television’s series of rivers.

During the lockdown announced by the government on the corona virus in the last three months, all the rivers and the surrounding nature of the country have got new life. The river water has grown much higher.

The documentary will be aired simultaneously on Friday, June 19, 2020 at 11:30 AM by BTV and BTV World.

In this episode, the current picture of occupation and pollution of Buriganga river and Old- Buriganga river has been presented. Many organizations are occupying 350 acres of land of the original Buriganga river and constructing various types of installations.

According to a new survey, BIWTA Chairman Commodore Golam Sadeq and Project Director and Member (Finance) Mr. Mohammad Nurul Alam have stated that new eco-parks will be constructed along with the placement of boundary pillars by evicting illegal structures on the banks of Buriganga, Turag, Balu and Shitalakshya rivers.

In addition, in this episode, the garbage of Kamrangir Char has been highlighted. In this context, Mr. Haji Saidul Islam, Councilor No. 57, expressed his commitment to solve the problem of waste management.

In addition, the Nongor (anchor) investigative team talked to people from different walks of life about river protection.

It is planned, written, researched and presented by Suhman Shams and produced by Nasir Uddin and broadcasts on the third Friday of every month at 11:30 am.


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